Sep 12, 2015

Top 5 My Favourite Cars

1. Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X (CZ4A)

Powered by 2.0 Litre twin-scroll turbo produced 280 ps of power. The last Evo in this generation. The 311RS Spec Blew setup is more cool for this Evo X.

2. Honda Civic Type R (FD2R)

Why not choose the latest Type R?
Because I like a simple body and far better look than the latest Civic Type R.

3. BMW M6 Gran Coupe

The best looking BMW ever in history. But very expensive in Malaysia

4. Ford Mustang Shelby GT350R

The roaring flat-plane crank V8. American Muscle.

5. Volkswagen Golf R MK7

300 HP is enough to run in Touge. Best hatchback in the world (maybe...)

That's all for my post

to be continued...

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